Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 1

Well last Thursday was day 1 - our last full day and night at the old house.
What I remember is that we packed boxes as quickly as we could, and our stuff just would not go away. I packed bags for the kids for the next day, we got Chipotle for dinner and the kids played in our bedroom as we all got ready for bed. There was a spare rubbermaid container out so Maddie had fun playing in it while the kids hid in Rob's closet.

And then I flipped the container over, stood Maddie up and put her hands on the top of the container - and she surprised us all by not only standing confidently but pushing it forward as she took a few steps behind it!

I was so proud, and shocked! (We don't expect walking until well after 1st birthdays around here. Maybe Maddie will be our earliest walker!?)

The kids polished off the last of the guacamole before heading to bed.

Robbie requested to play footsies with me. What a little love.

We put the kids to bed and thankfully they fell right to sleep. My sister came over to study and be at the house while Rob and I packed and made a few trips over to the new house with things we didn't trust the movers to move. My friend Cheryl had offered to come over and help us take all of our food and refrigerator items over that evening, so we filled boxes and coolers with food and made trips with that stuff as well. She came bearing scones so that we would have breakfast the next morning. She thinks of everything.

Rob and I thought we had a pretty good handle on finishing up the packing until it became 11pm and we still had a LOT yet to box up. (At this point we realized that we would have been SUNK without Kelsey and Cheryl's help!) Around this time, he was sort of wandering around with eyes glazed over, just looking in closets, and said something like "I didn't realize how much more we had to go! I don't think we are going to be able to sleep tonight." And I responded, "We HAVE to sleep! Just keep throwing things in boxes and don't think about it. It'll get done." Ha.

Well around 1:30am I had had it and insisted that we go to bed for a few hours. The thought of pulling an all nighter, then moving, then having the kids back with us and trying to settle in to the new house and unpack made me nauseous. We slept for almost 4 hours and got up again at 5:30am to keep packing.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, wow! The past week has certainly been a whirlwind for you guys. So glad you had time to post this. I've been anxiously awaiting more of the moving saga! :)

And, WOW...I can't believe how much Maddie has grown. It seems like she's gotten bigger overnight. Love that sweet thing! :)