Friday, January 27, 2012

Still kicking

We are here... Exhausted and without Internet (thank goodness for the 3G network!) but with happy memories made today as we moved across town. More later. Bed is calling! Thanks for all the well wishes, offers to help, and food you threw our way. We felt very cared for and loved.

Sidenote: I find it unlucky that of ALL the boxes we moved today, the only one that has gone missing is the one that has my undergarments inside of it. I wish I was joking.


Jennifer said...

yeah!!! congrats on a job well done! now, the fun part! :)

hope you find those undies soon. if not, maybe a much needed mommy only trip to VS is in your near future! :)

love ya!

Rachel Jones said...

Yay!!! (except for undies part :( )
Let us know if you need anything - Lucy and I are available all week!