Sunday, January 8, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 21

Friday morning, day 21 of our countdown to the move, was a preschool morning. After we dropped Robbie off (which is quite a process since we have to walk him into his classroom - all 4 of us together!), the girls and I headed to the gym. After some quality time with the treadmill and a quiet shower to myself in the locker room (it's the best part of going), we headed back to church to pick Robbie up. A quick lunch, and the girls were down for naps.

Then our beloved sitter came over so that I could run a few errands by myself. She texted me a picture of Robbie while I was gone, at his request. I sent him this one back, telling him I'd be home soon.

It was a beautiful day, and in the 40's, so when I got home we played outside. The fresh air was good for all of us. I took the bulk of the day's pictures during this time, partially because I was happy to have a few last frolicking-in-the-yard images to take with us when we move. Also because the kids were being so funny and were in a photogenic mood.

Maddie hung out in the stroller and watched the kids run around.

Ellie is into wearing things with pockets, and puts her hands in them all the time. Today she discovered that she had 2 sets to choose from.

Pocket model:

Our friend Dee was walking past with her dog, Shane, so she stopped by to say hello. Talk about a welcoming party - the kids just stand and stare at people if we're in the yard and someone comes by. Whether we know them or not. I feel like I should explain to whoever approaches that yes, my kids are fully socialized and leave the house. It gets weird at times.

Poor Dee, possibly wondering on her way across the street why she agreed to come over. (Just kidding, she loves the kids.)

Shane loves to jump up on the kids, so they were keeping a good distance. Ellie was being dramatic the whole time and shrieking that fake shriek she does when she isn't really scared but wants to act like it. Maddie legitimately did not appreciate the dog being within 2 feet of her, and started to get very anxious and even cried! Not a dog lover (yet). I realized that she hasn't really been around dogs at all in her short little life whereas Robbie and Ellie have.

Asserting her independence and taking a hike.

Since we were in the front yard, the kids could see the neighbor's house down the street who put a huge snow globe in their yard for Christmas. They wanted to check it out up close, so we snapped a picture of the 4 of us and went for a walk.

This was a big deal. They have LOVED passing by this house every time we leave to go anywhere, because of this snow globe. I wonder if they'll remember it when they think back to this Christmas (I think there's a good chance).

They both wanted to help me push Maddie on the way back.

Robbie got out in front to help with a little lift since there was a huge crack coming up in the sidewalk. He seems so old when he does things like this.

Looking big and little in the stroller at the same time.

I asked if anyone wanted to help me pull the garbage cans in since it was trash day and they were empty on the curb. I had 2 takers.

Everything is a race.

We wandered around to the back and the neighbor kids were playing football in their back yard.

The back side of our faithful first home. I love how little the kids look walking around behind it.

"I climbed to the top of the mountain!" - Ellie
{*the mountain = the small hill on the far side of our yard}

Robbie's 'precious'
{*Note to self - remove this and take it to the new house. Neither he nor I can stand to part with it.}

How is he big enough to grab the bell?! I used to have to hold him up just so that he could ring it.

Hands and noses started to get cold, and Ellie fell down in the mud and started to lament "I'm DIRRRRTY!". So we headed back inside.

And on our way to the garage (to remove muddy boots), Aunt Kels showed up!

We had milk and cookies and caught up with Kelsey while I cooked dinner. Daddy came home, Kelsey left, and we ate together. It was a typical Friday night after that - baths and bedtime, then Rob and I rented a movie from On Demand (I scanned home/decorating magazines at the same time) and hit the sack.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE this post and the pictures that go with it, Ashley! You do such an amazing job of enjoying every moment of everyday with the kids. What an excellent example of not being too busy to walk around and enjoy life. Love you and those precious little ones!