Sunday, January 22, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 7

Friday was Day 7, and it was also the day of Rob's company party.

The sitter came in the morning so that I could run out and get a mani/pedi. The day was kind of a blur of keeping the kids happy and fed and napped as I simultaneously tried to pick up the house and get ready for the night. It was snowing pretty hard, and when the came back around 3:30 the roads were already a mess. I made it to the train on time (thankfully!) and rode down with my friends Kris and Emily, which was a lot of fun. The train was packed.

We thought the hardest part about making it to the party was behind us, but we were wrong. Once we met up with Rob at his office (which is in the same building as the train station), we stood outside trying to find a cab for an hour. It wasn't looking good! We thought about taking off and walking the 6 blocks to the hotel where the party was being held, but I was already dressed in my knee-length strapless dress. Although I had on a (dressy and short) winter coat and boots, I was already freezing. Somehow we found other company employees nearby who were in the same predicament as us, and they were being picked up by someone in an SUV. We were invited to join them in that SUV, and when it pulled up Rob ushered the girls and I in, and when it was obvious that we were one seat short, he shut the door and took off to walk the 6 long blocks in the blizzard to the hotel where the party was, in his dress shoes. I was so proud of my chivalrous husband! And we all felt awful for having a cozy ride, knowing he was trudging through the snow.

We all made it to the party, and everyone had their own story of how awful it was to make it there. But the party was very nice, as it always is, and we enjoyed having a nice dinner together without the kids! We got a cab back to the train station and made it without a problem. We even had a few minutes to spare so I had time to change out of my dress, which was a good move because by the time we got to our cars in the train station parking lot, they were covered in snow. Rob dutifully brushed and scraped snow and ice off of the van while I sat inside, then did his own car. The moral of the story of this night is that I have a pretty great husband who takes good care of me (and everyone else). It's nothing I didn't already know or appreciate but I was reminded with every selfless act.

We drove home to find that we couldn't pull into the driveway - there was probably 5-7 inches of snow on the ground plus the big pile of crusty hard snow that the snowplow lovingly leaves at the base of your driveway. So we pulled our cars up to the curb, and again Rob made me go inside with the sitter while he shoveled her car out of the driveway so that she could leave to go home. Then he stayed up and finished the rest of the driveway. It was after midnight by the time we got to bed, and we have never been so tired. A night like this after the week/month we've had was exhausting. Rob actually slept in the next morning until 8am, and we think it was a first since we've been married that he woke up after me.

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