Sunday, January 15, 2012

Latest and greatest

Robbie and Ellie are so hilarious right now, and I know this phase will be over before we know it which is so sad.

After our big snowfall last week, Robbie was looking out the window and said "Mommy, I can see the snow but I can't see any grass. The grass is hiding under the snow because it needs privacy."

And then, to Ellie while they played for the 100th time with a box containing Robbie's comforter that simply needs to be taped up and labeled for the move, "Ellie you can curl up in this box like an armadillo!"

Ellie can be heard saying:
"Leapsturd" for Leapster
"Baby Soup" for bathing suit
"Macktin Akerikta" for Captain America
"I HAVE A CRUSTY!" for anytime anything is stuck to her that she doesn't like, food or dirt

And the other day, the kids had been particularly naughty all morning, and after a pleasant afternoon, I must have taken a deep breath as I sat down to rest because Ellie was right next to me saying "Mom? Sometimes you are frustrated? Don't be frustrated, Mom. Just take a deeeeeeeeep breath!"

I love these two and the precious things that come out of their mouths.

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Jennifer said...

Awe! So sweet, Ellie! Love that last comment! So cute! :)