Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 29


I am not a daily blogger. I'm a lover of sleep, a woman on a mission, a wife who wants to sit on the couch after dinner with her husband, and a busy mom of 3 active babes.

Your bullet point post (again!) for Sunday...

- Got up and made the family a hot breakfast; fried egg ham and cheese sandwiches on english muffins for Rob and I, and waffles, eggs and fruit for the kids. (Prunes and baby oatmeal for the babe.)
- By the time I washed dishes, got myself ready, and dressed the kids we were out the door 15 minutes late for church. We are usually on time, which means in our seats a few minutes before the service starts. I am giving myself grace this month.
- Church was later since it was a holiday (New Year's Day) so we didn't get home until 12:30, which translates to CRABBY! HUNGRY! TIRED! KIDS! We fed them fast and threw them in their cribs.
- The dentist called me in to his office right away after lunch, so I left to go have a temporary crown put on my cracked-off tooth, which was starting to give me a massive headache.
- Came home and made hot swiss dip once I had waited the allotted time (plus another hour!) for my temporary crown to set and harden. One bite of the dip and it fell off. Shh, don't tell the dentist.
- I think we did something else with the afternoon yesterday but it escapes me. Probably packing! I know Rob left for a few grocery items at one point because he came home with a sweet bunch of flowers for me! I made a shameful dinner and we ended the day on the couch, exhausted.

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