Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 30

I'm digging myself a hole.

Still need to blog day 31, which I mislabeled yesterday as day 32 because I was too tired to count properly.

And now I'm giving you a bullet point list of Day 30 for the same reason. So. Tired.

- Kids wake up, trickle into our bed, fresh round of diapers.
- Make breakfast, send kids down to play, make my blessed french press of Christmas Blend and sip in (semi) peace.
- Make some phone calls to schedule move related things, check some boxes off of my to-do list while Rob packs up the office.
- Shower and take Robbie with me to run a few errands.
- Check in on the kids and Rob at home, drop Robbie off and head over to the new house to meet up with the realtor. Get estimates for painting and blinds.
- While we are in the house, discuss with our realtor how overwhelming the task is of choosing paint. She goes to work with my fan deck and I kid you not, pulls colors out that I love and will probably paint our house with. If you need a realtor anytime soon, YOU NEED OURS.
- As the last person was giving me a quote, something felt funny in my mouth and I realized that I had cracked a tooth and half of my molar was stuck inside the gum I was chewing. This is a horrible feeling. I was mortified, a little panicked, and very thankful that I didn't have any pain at all. Then I laughed at the thought of making time for a root canal/crown at this point in time. WHY NOT!? Nice timing, too - on top of the move, I crack a tooth in half the night everyone is closing up shop for a few days. Excellent. Because she is more than just a realtor (interior designer, etc.), my relator calls her dentist on the phone right then and there and gets them to agree to call me tomorrow and see me even though their office is closed. I am beyond grateful. Also? My tooth is starting to hurt.
- Come home, laugh and play with the kids, feed them dinner and throw them in the tub. Pj's all around, and they were all 3 asleep by the time we got downstairs and turned the monitor on. Yesterday really wiped them all out!

Funny things to remember:
Robbie: "Hallelujah! means 'Thank You' in spanish!" {Lost in translation, thanks Dora}

Ellie: "Mommy, I need to brush your hair. You have food in your hair. I get out all the tangles." {As she drags a toy comb through my hair in the wrong direction. Poor girl, I must say this every day to her! "I have to brush the food out of your hair, hold still."}

Today while Robbie and I were out together we happened upon a man who was in need, so we gave to him. As I explained to Robbie what we had done and why (the man didn't have any money, had such-and-such need, God has given us plenty and we want to share it with others, etc.), the simple verbalization of it all brought me to tears. Robbie too, as he talked it through out loud and realized for maybe the first time that some people don't have any money or a bed to sleep in. I could tell it made him so sad and he was quiet for a little while afterwards. I pray that he has a sensitive heart for others in need and always has a quick compassionate response. These are the moments that make me wish that the world were a different place, and then on the heels of that I'm so grateful for what Christ has done for us and the hope of heaven that we all can have.

And since it's New Year's Eve (what?!), Happy New Year! We're tucking in as usual. Wild party animals over here.

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