Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 42

This is the good stuff: Madeline learned to crawl. We are so excited, but our excitement pales in comparison to hers!

She crawled across her bedroom floor as I was getting her ready for bed. I cheered her on and took video and smothered her with hugs and praise, and then I promptly started to cry at the thought of leaving this sweet patch of carpet where our memory was just made. (*repeat: it's just a house. it's just a house.)

She's getting so animated - I sat her up and she was so pumped about the big crawl a minute ago that she began waving her hands wildly around, her new 'thing' when daddy comes home or whenever she's worked up. She's very stable now when she's sitting on her own, but the arm flailing threw her backwards! Soft landing on carpet - and giggles when she realized she had toppled backwards. What a sweet girl.

Today we started the day like we usually do - everyone piles into mommy's bed for an episode of Jake and the Pirates while I shower. (Maddie in the exersaucer.)

Our sitter Amy who is home on break from school came over for the morning so that I could get some packing done. The kids played, my mom came over and helped me box up the basement and laundry room, and we had lunch.

Ellie napped like usual but Robbie didn't fall asleep until just before Ellie woke up, and ended up taking a 4-6pm nap (what!?). I packed a handful of boxes on my own while everyone was in their cribs, and then carried everything up that we had packed to the garage, along with random kids' toys that don't fit in boxes. The girls woke up and while I made dinner, Ellie scribbled with a pen in this little journal that I found while cleaning. She said "I'm doin' my Bible study, mommy!".

Maddie hung out in the high chair while I cooked, and I gave her a post-nap/pre-dinner snack of puffs... and we keep offering the sippy cup. This time I tried putting a bottle nipple on it to tempt her more. She doesn't love the tangy sweetness of diluted apple juice. She was indifferent about the cup, taking to it but not loving it, while she pounded the puffs and fussed at me when she had cleared her tray.

We fed the kids dinner, I took Maddie upstairs to put her to bed and we had the whole crawling thing happen, and then I put her to sleep. I spent time rocking her since she was a little overtired (and I was a little sentimental - ha!). She fell asleep in my arms and I soaked up every second. Robbie and Ellie went to bed about an hour later than usual, which meant that they all slept in the next morning.

Rob and I had a nice evening - I had planned in my mind to keep packing and make a trip to the storage unit after the kids were asleep. But I am realizing that although there is much to be done, it will get done. I have got to relax about this whole process, especially since Christmas is just 5 days away now! This week is full of sweet moments to cherish and even milestones we didn't expect. And I refuse to miss those or not be present as they are happening just because STUFF needs to find its way into boxes. So we hung out on the couch and laughed at that American Pickers show (?) while we ate a late dinner, and then tucked ourselves in for the night too.

(Sweet girl, with what she calls her 'crown'.)

When he makes this face he's usually about to say "Hmm, I'm not so sure about that!".

I was going to keep a box count each day... but I much prefer tallying up memories and moments with the kids in the midst of packing instead. It's all about focus and priorities, and I'm keeping the kids front and center.

It was a good day. And I didn't leave the house in my slippers ONCE! (Only because I didn't leave the house at all.)

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You have the best pics your kids!!