Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 38

This morning I woke up to realize that everyone had slept through the night. So thankful for that, but we are all still in need of catch-up rest and El is coming down with a cold, I think.

This will be short - I want to go to bed and blogging about the details of every day right now is getting annoying, as it's not the way I like to blog and I find it to be tedious!

My mom and sister came over for moral support this morning. I made a donation run while the kids were enjoying their company, then a handyman came to do some work around the house. Rob got home from work early, I made baked ziti for dinner and we ate at 5pm, then I decided to bite the bullet and make use of my last opportunity to make sugar cookies.

Meanwhile, I got this picture from my sister in law. SO SAD! We were at that table making gingerbread houses with them last year, and this year we are not. Huge bummer. We miss our family in NJ right now so much.

So we made sugar cookies. My 'helpers' who trashed the kitchen, snuck dough and ate it when I wasn't looking, and blew at the flour on the countertop. Oh for the love, they sure are cute though.

I allowed limited assistance. After they were baked, I let the kids ice ONE cookie and eat it, since it was already past their bedtime.

Then we tried to wrestle pjs on them and put them to bed.
Robbie got hyper from all the sugar and while playing on our bed he bounced off backwards, hitting his head on Rob's nightstand as he fell to the floor on his back. It wasn't actually that bad, but then neither he nor Ellie wanted to go to bed. Mostly Ellie. She wailed and pitched an epic fit and threw her lala-lovey out of her crib because "it's dirty!" and then screamed for it back, then detestably cast it aside again and could not for the life of her decide if she wanted to order me to wash it this instant or give it back, you mommy-theif! I walked out after she changed her mind for the 20th time (not exaggerating) and she still screamed. I left it to Rob to handle, kicking myself for letting them 1) stay up later than usual and 2) eat a sugar cookie painted with sugar then sprinkled with sugar... before bed. Where is my head.

Rob went to sleep and I frosted 66 of these bad boys.

He said I was insane for doing it, and I said I wouldn't be making them if they wouldn't be part of our kids' childhood memories. I could honestly do without sugar cookies, the process nearly does me in every year. The mess. Oh, the mess. Plus the timing this year? Not great.

Anyways, if you're going to do it, have a little fun. These turned out to be my favorite.

Pet peeve: all the wasted dough that you can't re-roll together because of how dry the flour on the surface makes it. All piece-mealy. Throwing it away makes me crazy, after spending all that time mixing it and rolling it out, to throw out like 25% of it!? I still baked the bigger pieces - who cares if they're random, they are so good.

And just for fun, the letter Robbie dictated to me last night to Santa:

I left the house a mess before coming upstairs to throw this post together. I am too tired tonight to do anything about it, so tomorrow will be one huge clean up festival. Oh, and I haven't wrapped a single gift yet, so that too...
Another night of practically crawling into bed with my clothes on!

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