Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes

These are always so much more entertaining to me than the actual picture that lands on the Christmas card! It seems to take about 100 shots before you get one that is good enough to use, am I right?

Ellie arranging her 'stuff' which I knew would inevitably make it into the final shot. There are only so many battles one mother can pick in a day, and this was not one of them! Who cares - she's 2, she loves her blankie. Let the girl be happy.

Oh, she gets really bent out of shape if Maddie so much as TOUCHES her lovie-lala or pink blankie, as evidenced by this shot. Poor innocent Maddie, the object of 2-year-old disdain and wrath. Robbie's over it. Ha!

The big-brother-holding-the-baby idea? Fail.
Plus, Ellie didn't really know how she fit in when that was happening and ended up looking lost and forgotten in the background.

Line-them-up-on-their-tummies was a big FAIL too. A baby can only keep her head up for so long and we had hit her limit. The floor was just too enticing to her heavy noggin.

Tickle fest.

Ellie gets distracted by the Christmas tree branches hanging overhead and starts to swat at them like a kitten. I have no idea...

I couldn't get Maddie to stop pulling on her pj's (like she does when she's tired, hungry, or just wants her clothes OFF!) so I haded her the lens cap. Bad idea - she got really into that lens cap and wouldn't look away.

Oh dear, back to the upright pose and another fail all around. I did, thankfully, get that one cute shot of all 3 of them and our cards are ordered! Hooray - I was starting to think that ours would be a "Happy New Year!" card. Which would have been just fine, but the side of me that is Type A just wouldn't give up on getting something out before Christmas.


Heather Green said...

Love this so much-- pics and captions! :)

Lindsey said...

Love seeing your attempts; I have been there so many times! Good thing we can preview our pictures now rather than waiting to get the film processed! :)