Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 34

Yesterday was Tuesday - Day 34.

Right away our babysitter Amy came over because I had a moving company coming to give us an estimate. She watched the kids while I led a man through our house, and then drove him over to our storage unit. Since I had packed the van up the night before, after he was done with the estimate and left I unloaded the van into the storage unit. So far my dad has come with me almost every time and helped me unload. Wow, did it make a difference! It's hard work pulling big heavy boxes out of the van by yourself and finding places for it in a nearly-full 12x12 unit. But I got it done, and when I pulled in at home I decided that since the seats were all out of the van and there were more bulky things to be put into storage, I'd just take another load over while I had the sitter at the house. So I loaded the van up with the kids' easel, and a few other big heavy things, as well as a bunch of things we wanted to donate. I dropped off the donations first, unloaded the van at the storage unit for a second time, and by then it was lunch time and I had worked up an appetite! So I treated myself to a warm cup of my favorite soup at my favorite place, in complete peace.

I ran a few other errands - picking up more newsprint and tissue paper at Hobby Lobby while they had a big sale running! Then headed home for my next appointment with our realtor. I picked her up (she is recovering from major surgery and can't drive yet), and she walked through our house, giving me tips and ideas about what else we could do to make sure it's ready to go on the market soon. I took her back home and since it was now the kids' dinnertime, I picked up nuggets on the way back.

We are having fun with their new face plates. They are even eating things they usually turn their nose up at, because I can say fun things like "EAT HER HAIR!" or "Dip your food in his mustard beard / her ketchup cheeks!"

We put the kids to bed, and without much guilt I asked Rob for it to be a carry-out dinner night. I worked nonstop all day and hadn't had any time to prepare dinner! We picked up Chipotle, ate it, I blogged, and we went to bed.

And no one woke up in the night last night! I am so thankful for those nights, especially when the days are as full and exhausting as they are right now.

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