Monday, December 5, 2011

Sometimes I just wish God had given me kids with more personality.

So if you don't know us well the sarcasm in this post's title is lost on you.

I had a nice long lunch with my little lady the other day, while her big brother and little sister took mega naps. I served her turkey slices rolled around strips of cheese and a banana. We played with the elastic holly-and-berries decoration that came on a gift. I marveled at how different she is when she's the only child... not better or worse, just different (when she has 100% of the attention). And I took no less than 100 pictures of her sweet face, because the girl. has. got. personality.

Modeling the decoration.

(I have no idea where she got the idea from...)

*trying to rid her banana of those stringy-things along the peel



*sneaking a look



*inspecting (using a toy wrench as a microscope)

*having a sweet little talk with her mom


I love this girl.

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Jennifer said...

she is just TOO cute!!! love those little ringlets! :)