Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 40

Yesterday's post!

It was a full day - we woke up, got dressed, and immediately drove across town for donuts and coffee, stopping along the way to drop off donations at Repeat Boutique. Then we made our way to a friend's house for a morning play date. Fallon greeted us at the door with her signature happy dance and the kids played for a few hours while Kacey and I tried our best to have a conversation around the chaos!

My kids were fascinated by their cute little pup, Big Shot. Especially when he went out into the backyard for a potty break.

Our littlest ones.

These girls are so cute together.

Sweet Savvy.

Maddie Cakes.

Robbie had a fun time with the girls too, and kept trying to get them to play school. "I'm the teacher and you are the kids and I'm gonna read you a story. MOM! THE GIRLS KEEP SAYING THAT THEY ARE THE TEACHERS BUT I'M THE TEACHER!" Oh man, it starts. I don't know how to mediate this world of pretend play and the conflicts that arise within it. ;)

These two really are best buds. Two peas in a pod. Full faced beauties who pal around the house together, getting into trouble by pulling leaves off of Kacey's plants. Even in their disobedience they are both hilarious. We stifled a lot of laughter during this playdate as we observed their antics and interactions.

The playdate was a reward for how hard we've been working this week and how little playtime the kids have gotten outside our 4 walls. Being with Kacey, Fallon and Savvy is always good for us Livingstons. We headed home and I wrestled kids down for naps until the sitter came back over. My mom came back as well and we started to pack like crazy. I tackled my closet and dressers, and she did major damage in the basement storage closets. We filled both the SUV and the van with boxes and containers, floor to ceiling, and my dad came over to help me take the loads over to the storage unit.

This is what it currently looks like:

So much hard work is represented here! I can't believe how much we've gotten done this week. By the way, the unit is 12 feet deep. Kinda makes you want to just walk away from the unit and let "Storage Wars" have at it. I'm just blocking out the thought of unpacking it all in a month. At least the movers will be the ones to unload it, and I won't have to move it all a second time!

My dad wrestled the kids and had a pillow fight with them before he left, and my mom had brought us dinner for the evening. Rob and I had a restful evening in our even-cleaner house, and I made plans for the next day to be a day of rest and very little packing, if any at all. We all need a break!


- For the happy sounds of laughter and playing in our home, even when the decibels reach high levels and I am tempted to wish for peace and quiet! Learning to be thankful for what I have, when I have it. And not always wishing for something else, no matter how small or minor or reasonable it might be.

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kacey said...

yay!!! love this. made the blog :) always a fun day with your crew!