Friday, December 16, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 45

Today I woke up to the kids playing hide and seek with each other... in their cribs. Since there's a folding screen between them, this basically meant that they had one of two places to 'hide' and peek out from - either end of the crib, where if they strain their necks, they can see each other. At one point I heard Robbie saying "Ok, Ellie - HIDE! It's your turn to hide!" and Ellie responded with "I'm scared...". Of what exactly?!

It was Robbie's last day of Preschool before Christmas break, and we celebrated by getting munchkins on the way for breakfast. The girls and I came back to the house and I had decided that today would be a work day around the house, so I laid Maddie down for her morning nap and got to work. My mom came just as I was finishing picking up the house and we both sorted and organized the kids' clothes that will go to storage, then hauled the containers up to the van.

The 'before' shot of the clothing project:

And 'after'... although I moved these 3 containers to the garage so that the space would be completely empty:

Being this productive makes me so happy. We have a lot to get done in a short amount of time and I was starting to wonder if it was realistic. After today, I know we can do it. Another 2 or 3 days like this one and we'll be in good shape.

I was so busy packing that I left a little late to pick Robbie up from preschool... and ran out of the house in my slippers. Don't be ridiculous. (I can't help it.) At least they sort of look like short boots and have a hard bottom, which was key for the sprint I needed to make up the hill and to Robbie's class, where I found him helping the director of the preschool pick everything up. He doesn't seem to notice when he's the last kid (it's only happened a time or two before). He gets a lot of attention from all of his teachers when everyone else is gone!

He had an early Christmas present for me that he'd made all on his own, and I asked him if we should put it under the tree and wait for Christmas morning. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked me to open it when we got to the van. So I did.

They had even helped the kids make the wrapping paper - it was the most precious little thing I have ever seen. Inside was a picture ornament of my little guy. He was so proud!

Here he is saying "Mommy, look - there's two of me. We look the same."

I put Ellie to bed for her nap when we got home and Maddie also went down for her midday nap, and Robbie jumped right in and helped my mom and I as we continued to pack and load up the van. My dad surprised us and showed up ready to help us so we loaded up my parents' SUV also and my dad, Robbie and I made a trip out to the storage unit.

He's been really excited to come with me on a trip to the storage unit, and it was quite an adventure as far as his little world is concerned.

We came home and kept packing, when my sister showed up! She came bearing Christmas treats and we were all due for an afternoon snack anyways, so we ate a ridiculous amount of popcorn drizzled in chocolate while Robbie entertained us with his hilarity.

Not a day seems to go by without someone learning or doing something new - and today it was Maddie's turn. She grabbed her bottle off the kitchen table with both hands and brought it up to her mouth all by herself. Nice trick, sweet girl! (She's kind of proud, can you tell?)

I was partially motivated all day to get a lot done because tonight was date night for Rob and I. We saw the new Mission Impossible movie and since I'm a sucker for movies like that, I LOVED IT.


- For my family who helped us in so many ways today. For hot egg salad and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. For the time Rob and I get to spend just the two of us, when we can get it.


The Larsons said...

oh, the satisfaction of rubbermaid bins stacked high! Our children's clothing is piled high in Jeff's old bedroom, and the thought of that kind of makes me smile (as I think back to all the nights we sat chatting in his room as high school sweethearts). I'm so proud of all your efforts!
We received a similar gift from Char on her last day. She; however, looked at me like I was crazy when I requested to open it, choosing to open it herself when we arrived home. :)
I love reading your daily memories AND cannot wait to kiss those sweet cheeks of Maddie! I'm. In. Love.

Jennifer said...

great job, Ash! just imagine how extra organized you're going to be at the new place with all of those rubbermaids! :)