Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Countdown to our move - Day 48

I have felt a little frozen with fear about our upcoming move and all that needs to happen in the next month and a half. And there is really no time to waste! Thankfully, I have a friend who (being more like a sister) knows me well and has recently gone through the same thing, although her move was across the midwest to another state, not just across town. She shared with me what helped her get through the days leading up to their move, and how she managed things mentally and emotionally.

The Lord knows what we need, and I needed every single one of her typed words yesterday as I read her email. I have decided to do a countdown on the blog to our move. I realize that we are 48-ish days out from actually moving, but the purpose of this is not really for your entertainment - it's for me and my family. It will help me remember our last days in our home here on the south side, and it will bring focus to the memories that I was afraid we would somehow forget to create in the middle of the business and rush that comes with moving and Christmastime in general.

Yesterday was what I will consider Day 48 (counting down to January 30th, which is the day I am estimating will be our first full day in our new home).

I spent the morning checking out storage facilities so that we have a temporary place to put half of our belongings while we get the house ready to put on the market and then start showing it. The kids spent the afternoon taking turns with naps, playing with toys, and eating our new favorite sugar cookies from Whole Foods.

Madeline spent the day up on her hands and knees, rocking with purpose back and forth, and inching forward every now and then. She is on the cusp of really crawling, and now she's just determined to get there. She also spent the entire day (while she was awake) jabbering, and loudly! "YAYAYAYAYAYA!!" and then banging toys over and over and over, sometimes both at the same time. Goodbye, quiet observant baby. Hello, sweet girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let the neighbors know.

At one point I changed her out of her pj's and changed her diaper, and savored a few minutes of snuggling my sweet naked baby. It took about a pound of stress off of me and added a year to my life, I am sure of it.

And then, right after I took this picture, she started jumping really hard in my arms and gave me a fat lip with the backside of her head. :)

I fed the kids macaroni and hot dogs at dinnertime, stripped them down to their diapers/pull-ups, and let them run around and play by the tree while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished making a big pot of soup.

Then we put the kids in their pj's and boots and winter coats and drove across town to see the live ballerinas in this cute baby botique's storefront windows. I can't get this random underline to turn off and it's making me crazy.

I thought the ballerinas would be something like 8 or 9 years old, just doing cute little plie's and releve's in their leotards and tutus from class.

Oh no. These were teenagers who train at a serious academy two towns over, and they were really good, their costumes were gorgeous, their toe shoes legit. They were awesome and the kids were mesmerized, and the whole thing brought tears to my eyes a few times. (And we spent $0 - bonus.)

*Robbie said his favorite ballerina was the one in red.

And then we picked up pizza and salad (for Rob and I) and headed home to bed.


- A friend of my sister's who babysat for us when Maddie was first born is back home in Wheaton for the next month on break from school, and offered to babysit for me. This was a direct answer to prayer, because my other sitters are starting to leave for Christmas break - right when we really need them! God cares for our needs.

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