Thursday, December 22, 2011

Countdown to the move - Day 39

*Updated: Images from the day that I forgot to upload.

Um, this was not our best, bright-shining day. Ellie was up. all. night. last night and landed on a mattress on the floor next to our bed around midnight. I slept (ha, "slept"!) on it for a handful of her most fitful hours, but the sweet part was that it brought her comfort and she snuggled into me and threw her arm across my chest for a while. Even murmured "I love you mama"s in her sleep. Her oddball cough was keeping her up - but she's not sick and it wasn't productive. It seems more related to the almost asthmatic cough she had a little while back. It only bothers her at night.

So we woke up (ha! "woke up"!) exhausted and of course Robbie freaked out when he realized not only was Ellie not in his bedroom when he woke up but THE MATTRESS ON THE TWIN BED IN HIS ROOM WAS REMOVED! Have I mentioned that he's particular about certain things? The move is now freaking ME out, and you can understand why based on this anecdote.

We needed groceries and I made a snap decision to go right away. I brushed my teeth and put on clothes and prayed we wouldn't run into anyone we know because my crew and I? We were looking rough. :) Sometimes it helps to just get out of the house and change the scenery.

Well, today was the exception because although they were good for the first 75% of the time we shopped at Target, the last 25% of the trip was a doozy. I threatened to put everyone in a cart if they didn't stop dashing into nearby aisles, out of my sight. The didn't take me seriously so into the carts they went. I had to push one cart and pull another (and they both weighed a ton), and I ended up running over my own foot with the cart I was pulling and actually took a chunk out of my heel (it bled and throbbed in my boot, yum.). Limping the rest of the time, I was determined to find where they were hiding the prune juice (Maddie has solid-food issues) and circled the entire store twice only to learn that they were out.

We made our way home and I laid everyone down for a much needed nap. Only Ellie complied, and then my sister came over just as I got Maddie to sleep. Robbie could see her car out his window and was jumping in his bed yelling for me to get him out because he needed his aunt Kelsey. So out he came, with Maddie and Ellie on his heels about an hour later. Not good.

The rest of the afternoon is a blur of I don't know what but it wasn't productive and it wore me out. At one point I thought it was a good idea to let Ellie test out her new pull ups (it was not). I wanted to make cookies with the kids this afternoon but the thought of actually doing it when it came time nearly made me sit down and cry. So we bagged that idea! It was great to spend time with Kelsey though and she even tended medically to my gaping heel wound since I was having a hard time focusing on washing it and putting a band-aid on it. That is love.

When I put Maddie down for the night I don't know if she was overtired or had fallen asleep and was woken up by the kids' wrestling before dinnertime... But she was hiccup sobbing when I went in to get her and it took over a half hour to settle her back down and rock her to sleep. Poor baby - it was so unlike her, but I guess we all had a little bit of an off day.

I made the kids breakfast for dinner and Robbie dictated to me a letter for Santa. When Rob asked him what he had told Santa he wanted for Christmas the day he sat on his lap at the mall, Robbie said:
"I told him I wanted a Polar Express train."
Rob: "And what did he say?"
Robbie: "He didn't say anything back, he just looked like this {imagine Robbie making a vacant/confused face!}. He didn't know what I was talkin' about."

Oh hilarious! We had no idea this was his impression. I offered to write a note to Santa for him so that his wishes would be clear to the big man and Robbie loved that idea. We will leave it out with the milk and cookies. This plan was fine with Robbie and I'm glad because I don't have it in me to go to great lengths right now, like fake an address and pretend mail it to the north pole or fabricate something I won't be able to keep track of. After writing the letter I reminded Robbie of what the most important part of Christmas is - the birth of Jesus and celebrating Him! Santa is fine but he's not what we get most excited about.

I made it a shower night for the kids after that, and we had Ellie do a breathing treatment before bed. They went to sleep quickly and so far Ellie has only stirred once.

I called Kelsey at 8pm and apologized for my exhaustion and lack of enthusiasm for anything at all, and then rob and I had dinner and went to bed. Praying that everyone sleeps through the night and gets back on their napping schedules. And that we find our groove again in general!


- That His mercies are new every morning. That even on the rougher days, we are safe, healthy, and our needs are provided for.

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