Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas miscellany.

Our Christmas tree is SHOT. Just in time for it's big day... the ornaments have been tugged on and pulled right out of their cheap aluminum-foil caps, the ribbon is sagging, it's only decorated a third of the way down from the top, and this evening Robbie tried to make a penny disappear - he threw it up into the air and it landed in the tree. Mission sort of accomplished, the penny is gone.

I don't feel like Christmas is 5 days away. It's warm(ish) outside. We have no snow, and the most we've gotten up until now is a dusting heavy enough to cover the grass for a day or two. I haven't wrapped a single gift. I haven't sung enough Christmas carols. I haven't made a single batch of cookies! We may be pretending it's Christmas all through January in our house, we have so much left to enjoy. Just saying.

Now I need to share a few seasonal secrets with you. Keeping these to myself has made me feel scrooge-ish.

- Find a place that sells Christmas gift sets of your favorite shampoo/conditioner and stock up. I save over 50% on my products because I stock up this time of year.
- Go to Target and head to the hot chocolate aisle. Look for Starbucks' new Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate packets, sold in boxes on the shelf (contains 8 individual servings in their own packages). Thank me later.
- Then go to Whole Foods and find the generic looking 'Happy Holidays' vanilla sugar cookies shaped like gingerbread men in a clear round container. They are not gingerbread. They are the best cookies off a shelf I've ever eaten.
- The pears and oranges at our grocery stores right now are so good. Thank goodness - I'm missing all that summer fruit, at least there's something left that's still good.
- If you need boxes for gifts you still need to wrap, forget buying those bundles of boxes in the gift wrap aisle. Call stores like Yankee Candle, coffee shops and book stores. They get tons of shipment right now, have lots of smaller sized boxes they're throwing out daily, and if you get them from a place that sells scented items (like candles and coffee) the boxes smell delicious too.
- Retailers are marking down their goods like crazy this week. Take your receipts back in for price adjustments, if you have the time and you're still within the limits listed on the receipt.

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