Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown to the move - Days 28, 27, 26 and 25 (what!?)

At the end of the post I will explain why I am counting today as days 28, 27, 26 and 25. :)

Today was Rob's last day home from work. It's been a great stretch having him home with us, but I teased him tonight and said that I KNEW he was excited to get back to work tomorrow! I think 5 solid days of being home with the kids and I, with nothing fun planned and lots of packing to accomplish, was not the most relaxing of 'vacations'.

Next time, it'll be a beach. We decided that was in order sometime soon. We have no idea how, but it's time to go somewhere with sand and water!

We had scheduled the sitter to come this afternoon, so this morning I gathered up a few more boxes worth of random stuff that needed to get. out. of. the. house. and into storage. Around 11am I left to take a full van load to the storage unit, so that at 2pm when the sitter came we could take the big pieces of furniture that take both of us to lift over to storage as well. I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a new ceiling fan for our kitchen (ours randomly stopped working or responding at all about 2 weeks ago). While I was pushing my cart and trying to read the list of items in each aisle as I looked for one in particular, a man with a cart behind me was trying to get past me (I didn't see him at first) and when I looked back and apologized and moved out of his way, he said to me "It's all right. People in Christmas sweaters don't usually move very fast in this store!". Excuse me!?

First of all, I would HARDLY call this a Christmas sweater.

So I finished what business I had at Home Depot (unwelcome as I was) and came home. By the time I unloaded the van and took care of the kids' most recent urgent needs (haha - diapers, sippy cups, etc.) the sitter showed up.

Rob and I hauled a bunch of furniture over to storage together, and it is totally shameful to admit that it felt a little like a date. When we came home, my mom had stopped by to say hi and help us with anything we had to do, but we had done most of what we could today already. So we visited, paid the sitter, and they both left. The kids were all wound up from the afternoon of attention, so I put them in the van and we picked up pizzas and salad for dinner.

We fed them and were about to put them to bed when Cheryl stopped by, so they got to have one last sugar cookie and stay up a little later while we visited with her. (*Also? She knows me so well and gave me a cute Homeowner's Record Keeper book so that I can keep everything straight for the new house. I cannot wait to use it. A place to write down where we bought our blinds and what the names of the paint colors are throughout the house? Yes, please!)

After the kids went to bed, Rob and I had a chance to discuss the timeline of this month and all that needs to happen. We made a few decisions about the move that are a big relief to me, and I'm actually looking forward to January now instead of feeling like I hope we survive it. I feel good about the progress we've made on the new house as we get ready to make it our home, and I'm feeling better each day about leaving this home and being ready to actually move out when the day comes.

Our official move day is Friday January 27th (I scheduled it with the moving company today). I had initially thought that we would move in on January 30th, so that is what I was counting down to when I initially started to blog the countdown. Today became Days 28/27/26/25 all rolled into one. One big picture-less post.

Which I will remedy tomorrow, since the pressure's off in a few new ways now.

A nice way to start the new year!

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Jennifer said...

ooh!...somewhere with sand and water? i know just the place!!! :)