Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 23

Back to reality today - Christmas break officially ended. Robbie went back to preschool, and I had to go to the dentist for my broken tooth. Boo.

I was told that when I came in to have it cleaned out, that only then would the dentist know whether I'd need a root canal, but that there was a decent chance that I would. Seeing as how I have horrible teeth and although I'm religious about brushing, get more cavities than people who hardly brush their teeth (honest truth), I wasn't hopeful.

I cranked up Adelle in one earbud and endured the awful drilling that I had become accustomed to not having in my life. I just hate the dentist. Does anyone like going?

That is just the worst view.
But good news for me: no root canal needed!

I had an impression taken of the tooth that was broken, and a temporary partial crown put on and that was that until I go back for the permanent crown to be put on.

On the way home I caught up with a friend on the phone who is beginning the adoption process, most likely international. It's such an exciting time for their family and it made me so happy for them. It's great to see the way God is putting together the families of people I love, in such diverse ways.

I was feeling pretty good about the day (having dodged a bullet with the root canal), so I decided to push my luck once I got home.

I've had acrylic paints and blank canvases set aside for a slow afternoon. So we got them out and I had the kids paint big canvases with colors that will go with their new bedrooms. I told them that we'd hang their paintings in their bedrooms in the new house. I hope that this is something else that will get them excited about the move.

It was a huge mess and I'm really proud of myself for 1) just going for it, and 2) keeping the mess pretty well contained.

The kids loved it. And I know I'm biased, but not only was the process fun, their art turned out to be really great.

I made them hold up their pieces after they'd completed them. I am so proud!

These will be proudly hung in their new rooms! I'm thrilled that they love to paint and that we made a fun memory today.

Just as we were finishing the painting project, the blinds salesman came by for our 4:00pm appointment. I pretended that I remembered that he was coming and that our art project was just running a little long, but between you and me I had completely forgotten he was coming. Art kind of sucks me in and makes me forget where I am and what time it is!

For 2 hours we talked shutter and honeycomb blinds. The kids fought, played, watched TV, ate (and threw across the room) their dinner, and were eventually put in time out. Even I was over it by the time 6pm rolled around, so I couldn't blame them too much.

We put the kids to bed after a bite of Trader Joe's angel food cake (while eating his piece, Robbie asked me: "Mom, what's on top of this cake?" {powdered sugar!} "Well what's on the bottom of it?" {Hmm, I don't know sweetie.} "It's surely butter.").

Thankfully the kids went down without a peep and Rob and I were able to eat our dinner in peace on the couch as we caught up on all the new episodes of our favorite sitcoms.

I'm so thankful for the good things today held.


Kayla Aimee said...

awesome- i love the paintings!

I just broke a tooth too...I'm so hopeful I'll have the same result as you and NOT need a root canal. My tooth broke while I was brushing my teeth! Apparently I brush too hard. This is opposite of what should happen when you are trying to take care of your teeth, I say.

The Larsons said...

Love the artwork! Let's put that on the list of things the Larson/Livingston children need to do together one day. :)

Jennifer said...

oh, i LOVE the paintings. what a great idea! i'm going to have to copy that one -- hope you don't mind! :)