Monday, January 23, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 5

Sunday was Day 5 of the countdown. We decided to really make a big push to get as much as we could into boxes, and so we stayed home from church and got started early. But not before I ran out to pick up donuts {with sprinkles!} and coffee to celebrate our last weekend as a family in this house. I think there is too much to think to be sad over these little 'last moments'. I'm just thankful that I have my family in tact and that we will all be moving together, simply across town. We have loved this house but the next will feel like home soon enough, and I'm excited for the memories we will make there.

We skipped showers and even putting on clothes, and in our stinky pj's we happily packed until the dining room had stacks of boxes as tall as I am. It was a wonderful day.

I would venture to say it was educational for Rob, as he brought box after drawer after ziplock baggie full of office supplies into the living room to be boxed up. After we spread out and sorted what we thought was all of it, we taped boxes up only to find more binder clips or sharpie markers or notebooks.

I can't help it. Pens and paper and supplies CALL TO ME. They make me want to write and create and organize! Which is ironic, since I have no time for any of that right now. Whatever, the result was a strict rule that no office supplies of any sort are to be purchased for the remainder of my life. Deal. It was slightly embarrassing to discover the hidden stashes, but after dealing with my tea, coffee, and mug obsession these things hardly come as a surprise to Rob anymore. {He hasn't found my lip gloss box and I pray he never happens upon it accidentally. I cannot even explain that one.}

So we literally packed for hours, and my mom came over midday to help entertain the kids so that we wouldn't be bothered. As a result, we are feeling really good about where we stand as far as being 'ready' for the movers on Friday. We still have things left to pack but I think it's doable in our spare time in the evenings after the kids go to bed.

We decided to call it quits around 5pm, in preparation for the big game. I laid Maddie down for her evening nap and took the older 2 kids with me to drop off library books and pick up pizza and salad for dinner. {Ask me how excited I am that we will soon live 1 minute away from Lou Malnati's!} I let the kids eat nuggets and apples in the car as we drove around, and we swung by the new house so that they could see it again. We do this several times a week - by now they are asking by we aren't getting out and going inside! Ellie actually said "Put my boots back on mom, and I go inside the new house!" and I said "Oh no, honey, we're just driving past it to look at it!" and she let out one of her disappointed adolescent sounding "Awwww!"s.

Just as I was serving dinner Cheryl stopped by to check in on us and offer her help, and I enticed her to stay for pizza. The last 2 times she's stopped in, which have been far apart, we have been eating Lou's. It must seem like we eat it all the time! She explained all that she plans to do to help us with the logistics of the move, and I am so grateful for her and her willingness to help. She had thought of moving all of our refrigerator items out of the old house and into the new one the night before the move, which I thought was a brilliant idea. Plus she's coming over to help me execute that. She also has a few awesome ideas to help the kids feel at home and get excited once we bring them to the new house, and I am so grateful for that since I'm sort of at capacity just trying to make sure the logistics are straight. Creativity and thoughtfulness are escaping me, presently.

We put the kids to bed and I headed up early to work on my bible study and take care of the paperwork for Maddie's dedication next Sunday. Rob finished watching the game - hmm, I wonder who won? Seriously don't know - and we went to bed. Thankful for a great day.

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Jennifer said...

LOVE you and your obsessions! So funny! :)

Cheryl is the best! God has certainly blessed her with some wonderful gifts - organization, thoughtfulness, and service - just to name a few! So glad she's so close by!

Love you! So excited for you this week!