Tuesday, January 24, 2012


From the last few days...

Ellie accessorizes her nakedness with Maddie's paci and (what else these days) her winter hat:

Find the baby / try not to pack the baby:

Ellie, smile with the box you just packed for me:

My littlest helper, lining boxes up for me to use in the kitchen:

An important conversation:

"Peanut butter jelly time!" on Dad's iPhone at Chili's while we wait for a table:

Our dining room, currently:

Someone learned her lesson the hard way and will not be unbuckling her car seat buckle while the van is moving. 2 goose eggs and a bloody lip are apparently more effective than mommy's warnings and encouragement to obey the rules. (ps. she is fine!)

Finally, a sippy cup that works for her! Making progress:

Exploring the new house:

A cookie picnic to warm them up to the idea of a new home:

Brother approves:

Sister's not sure what's happening but she's in if Robbie is! (And why are we putting our hands in the air again?)

Still cannot believe some days that these 3 little people are my kids.

Sibling love:


We love Auntie Cheryl!

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Jennifer said...

I can just picture the way this beautiful, empty house is going to become all warm and cozy soon. I can't wait to see what you do with it! Pictures please!!! (sometime within the year, of course!) :)