Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 2

Only 2 days left until we move!
Wednesday mornings are preschool/Bible study mornings, and I wasn't about to give that up just because we are about to move. {Yeah, I like our small group that much.} If we are all healthy, we're there.

We needed to let the painters into the new house again, and they start at 8am. Preschool starts at 9am, and Bible study at 9:30am... so, that meant we left the house at 7:45am, stopped at the new house to unlock it, and got to church 1/2 hour before preschool began. I had packed a picnic breakfast for the kids (including Maddie's oatmeal and prunes!), anticipating the gap of time between activities, and we ate in the church lobby. And yes, I was tired by the time I dropped Robbie off!

I put the girls in their classrooms once Robbie was settled, and had a wonderful morning with my girls at Bible study. Have I mentioned that I love these women? I always leave feeling challenged and encouraged, with deeper relationships to show for the time.

I gathered the kids from their classrooms, and the girls were happy and perky but Robbie is always a hot mess by the time I pick him up. The later night last night had caught up with him and he was all out falling onto the ground in dramatics, begging for a snack and his juice cup and eventually losing his cool in the lobby. We got home and I put all 3 kids down for a nap right away. It took some convincing for Robbie to lay down but after a while he was out like a light. Then of course Ellie woke up an hour later, thus waking him up. I can't win with those 2 at nap time! Maddie woke up as well and everyone was a little cranky.

So I did what most mothers do in my situation - I gave them food and we got out of the house for a change of scenery. Forget packing, you can't get anything done on a normal day with fussy cranky kids underfoot! I took them back over to the house to check the painting progress, and then we stopped in at Miss Kate's store. I let Robbie put the quarter in our parking meter, like always, and they asked to see the compost worms right when they walked in the door. Kate always obliges, even letting Ellie squirt the worms with the water bottle.

I left Kate's store feeling encouraged (as usual - she is the sweetest!), and thankful for the break that stop provided us. We picked up a prescription at Walgreens and a stack of empty boxes on the way home, thanks to our local Christian bookstore Johnsen & Taylor. They are so nice over there in Town Square! I love their boxes for books and small heavy things as we pack.

Then we headed home and I did get a handful of boxes packed while the older two played and Maddie napped - and it would later be apparent that she had actually gone to bed for the night, not just for a nap. Tired girl! I made the kids dinner and played with their food before I served it to them. ;)

Robbie trying to smile like the man on his plate:

I got the kids going with dinner and then sitter arrived so that Rob and I could go to a Family Dedication class at our church. On Sunday we are dedicating Maddie to the Lord, just as we have done with Robbie and Ellie. It's not a baptism, just a public statement that we intend to raise Maddie to know Jesus Christ as the Lord and hopefully lead her one day to know Him as her personal Savior. So tonight was the preparation class... Rob met me over there straight from work, and it ended earlier than it was scheduled to. We stopped at Muldoon's for dinner on the way home and had a mini-date, which was nice! Conversation is such a luxury, especially when it's uninterrupted. And we could use the small break.

We came home and after chatting with the sitter and her husband, said goodbye and boxed up a few more things, and are now heading to bed. Goodnight!

ps. Special thanks to Matt and Suzi for making the evening so fun. :) You can have her back now, Matt.

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