Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 24

Day 24 was yesterday, Tuesday. We had things to accomplish, so we got right to it.

First up: A trip to Ace Hardware to get a few paint samples for the new house. My little helpers pushed their own kid-sized carts. It was super cute and they didn't knock over any displays. Small miracle.

On the way out to the van, they found a small patch of snow in the parking lot, and so we enjoyed the moment without rushing.

Snacking on the way home. My rear view mirror is a daily reminder of how blessed I am.

After lunch the sitter came so that I could take Maddie to her 9 month check up by herself. While we waited in the room for the doctor, I was 'chatting' with her and actually caught one of her firsts on video! I asked her to say "ma ma ma ma" and she dutifully repeats right away, and then I change things up and ask her if she can say "ba ba ba ba" and she says it like it's no big deal.

My girl. She is the sweetest of babes, even the doctor said she'd take her home in a second, and that's saying something.

I brought her zebra to keep her entertained and she was cracking up! I think she was loving the one-on-one time with just mom, we talked and played the entire time. Such a fun little memory together.

We got home and the kids were wired. Per usual. I keep forgetting that not only are we not doing much other than packing and getting ready to move, but it's winter and they are not exactly getting their energy out in the backyard. Ellie gets a funny streak every now and then (or, everyday) and does weird/cute things like this:

Robbie asked to be wrapped like a burrito. {I don't know.}

We put the kids to bed and enjoyed a delicious dinner my mom brought over fresh from the oven - pork chops, a version of au gratin potatoes that was better than anything I've ever eaten, and a fresh fruit salad. It was so nice.

It was a good day.

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