Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 10

Yesterday was Day 1o - Tuesday.
Kind of a rough day since Maddie ended up having a worrisome breathing episode the night before and needed to be checked out. Everything was fine, but it was late by the time she and I finally crawled into bed. So I was not at my best the next day, tired and a little anxious still from the night before.

One of our sitters was scheduled to come over in the morning so that I could get some packing done, but instead I slept in with the kids until she arrived, and spent the time showering and going to the grocery store. Then my mom came so that I could go to the doctor, and by the time I got home we all needed a nap or rest. So she left and we all laid down.

The afternoon was pretty mundane, picking up, running laundry and doing dishes. Then my friend Carly dropped off dinner for us, which was really humbling. She also moved homes recently (in-town, like us), and I hate that I had no idea what a gift it can be to bring a meal to a family that is trying to pack up and move. I wish I could rewind time and do the same thing for her in the days before her move! Now I know. I'm so thankful for the ways that my friends teach me about serving each other, and about expanding my sensitivity and compassion. Thank you again, Carly!

Rob's train was slow so he was a little later than usual, and so I fed the kids dinner and put them to bed on my own. It wasn't especially pretty, and so he helped calm them down and settle them in to sleep right after he came in. Then he let me escape to the gym for a much needed run. Some days are like this, right?!

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