Sunday, January 8, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 19

Sunday morning we were all sluggish! But we made it to church and the kids went right into their classes like champs. Robbie didn't have an accident all morning, Maddie didn't fuss, and Ellie came bouncing down the hall after her class happy as a lark. The church service was good, and our Pastor's sermon was really important for us to hear. It was well timed - thank you, Lord, for speaking to us. Pastor Bugh spoke from Colossians 1:21-23. Powerful stuff.
*If you are curious, you can click HERE to listen to it online (click the "Image of the Invisible: Christ in Colossians" link, and click on "Part 8 - Alienation to Reconciliation, Colossians 1:21-23").

We visited with my family in the hallway at church after gathering the kids from their classes, and headed home for lunch and naps. The boys put on their Giants jerseys and settled in to watch the big game while the girls slept, and I went to the hardware store (for paint) and to the grocery store.

"The G-MEN!"

Practicing the football hold. Or tuck. Whatever it's called. ;)

Dad offering Robbie some assistance with his form.

We <3 #10.

We lost all control after the game was over. Both Rob and I were tired (and lamenting the end of the days where we would eat Sunday lunch and immediately pass out on the couch - oh, the glory days!). So we were totally slacking in our parenting. The kids were entertaining themselves well enough, and so I closed my eyes on the couch after being tucked in by Robbie and Ellie, and Rob rested on the other couch (eyes open). Before we knew it, Robbie had pooped in his underwear, gone into the bathroom to take care of things himself, and had dumped his lump of solid poop out of his underpants in the sink, plugged the drain, and was filling it with water. We felt disbelief, disgust, and could not decide between laughing at him and disciplining him. Good parents that we are, we simply cleaned up the mess and offered a "Robbie, we don't dump our poop out in the sink."

I'd say A+ in parenting.

Oh, except that then a few minutes later, after just getting the poop off the sink, I found that Robbie had snuck off to the living room and gotten into the stamps. There were huge flower prints next to the dining room table on the carpet, and he had also decorated himself with the letter stamps, up and down his arms and on his face.

Trying to tell me he wants to go shopping?
{*He chose the letters H & M...}

Clearly unaffected by my stern reprimand.

Since Sunday's almost over, I'm going to go ahead and predict the evening instead of waiting to publish today's post (BOLD MOVE!).

Dinner (that has a 50% chance of being cooked by me). Baths. Bedtime. And then getting a few rooms of the house ready for our painter in the morning.

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