Monday, January 23, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 4

Monday was Day 4 - and it would have been posted sooner but our internet was down! {*I wrote it yesterday and am not going back to edit it from present tense to past tense.}

I'm feeling energized and got up and ready before the kids woke up. I don't want to waste any time this week so I think this is a necessity. I brought everyone downstairs ready for the day, passed out milk and as soon as my mom came over we served breakfast. Then I laid Maddie down for her morning nap and while the kids played with Mima, I ran to the dry cleaner and grocery store. When I got back, we all took off for Two Toots - and Mima treated Robbie and Ellie to lunch by themselves while I ran to Babies R Us with Maddie. {Sidenote: we have a diaper genie, the original one, and they do not sell the green garbage liners anymore that go along with it! I have now checked B R Us and Target. I am so annoyed - we have 2 of these diaper pails and nothing to line them with. Thoughts?}

I picked the kids up on my way back, and my mom left from there to volunteer at ReNew. On the way home Ellie unbuckled herself from her car seat, and before I could pull over to buckle her back in, I had to brake just hard enough that she tumbled forward and conked her forehead on the little metal bars in the floor where one of the seats usually is but is currently removed. She bit her lip as well, and I think she learned her lesson the hard way and will not ever unbuckle herself again. I felt awful, obviously. But she has done this before and received stern warnings. What are you going to do? She had quite the pair of goose eggs on her head for the afternoon but they've gone down and she is fine.

The girls took their naps while Robbie played and I worked on my Bible study. It was so nice to have an hour to myself to take a mental break. My friend Suzi stopped by and brought us coffee cake for breakfast to have this week, and we had fun catching up for a few minutes in the foyer while Robbie snuck from box to box pulling out snacks and eating them just out of sight. I could hear the crinkle of wrappers and boxes being opened, but had no idea he was eating my special treat from Whole Foods - French donut holes called Mini-Beignets! He polished off 4 of them before biting into one that was jelly filled, and gave up. Little stinker. I tried one and they are oh so good. I will be back for more! And this time I'll hide them out of reach.

I made a few phone calls before the girls woke up from their naps, and then the kids played while I made dinner.

Rob came home and we put the kids to bed soon after. Then I folded baskets and baskets of laundry while watching The Bachelor.

Monday: The End.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow I found your blog from another blog and love. The moving updates. We moved 2 years ago with 2 little ones and it was crazy. Totally worth it in the end but still a crazy time.
Anyhow. The diaper genie. Keep one of the round parts that used to hold the refills then just use a regular kitchen trash bag. If you tuck it underneath the old plastic insert thingy it should stay...not to mention it is way cheaper :)

Hope your move is uneventful.