Friday, January 20, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 8

Yesterday was Day 8 - Thursday.
I had our sitter come over in the morning so that I could run some errands, including returning the dress I had originally picked out for Rob's company party on Friday night and hopefully finding a different one. I don't know what got into me when I picked out the first one, but it was sequins with horizontal stripes in 2 shades of charcoal. Really cute, but not me at all. I like to try and blend in at events like this, not wear something that screams "look at me!". So I found another dress pretty easily which was great since the party is in 36 hours. It's black and simple. :)

I got home and Maddie was ready for a nap, so after putting her on the kitchen floor while I made her a bottle we headed upstairs for some quiet time.

This is her favorite position when she's just hanging out watching what's going on around her - she rolls onto her side from her belly and it makes my back hurt to watch her twist like this!

Below: My little yogi. I'm so proud. I think Maddie was attempting a modified 'side plank'. She's certainly got 'happy baby' nailed.

Just like our days in this house, these days of her taking a bottle on my lap are numbered and coming to an end.

Both girls napped and I forget what Robbie and I did during that time! But when the girls woke up, they were in very sisterly moods. Ellie helped Maddie keep her balance while standing.

Had a moment of shoe envy and tried to jam her foot into Maddie's dress shoes.

And played 'where's the paci?'.

The afternoon passed in a blur of picking up the house, breaking up fights, and getting one last nap in for Maddie before we left to have dinner at our friends' house.

Kris and Steve just moved this year, also across town, into a beautiful house that they built. They invited us over for dinner, knowing that it's really not easy to cook decent meals for your family just before you move! The kids and I went over around 5, and the dads got home from work around 6. We had fun catching up, and our kids loved playing together. Robbie and Jack wrestled, which was awesome to Robbie. Jack also has a train table in his bedroom, so whenever we couldn't find Robbie we knew just where he was. I went up to check on him once and found him using Jack's bathroom. You know, like he's been potty trained for years and can just find a potty when he needs one and use it perfectly. Anyways, I was incredibly proud of him! Ellie and Molly are the same age, and are still in the independent play phase. It'll be fun to watch them play together as they get older though, because their personalities are very similar! And they are both hilarious and adorable.

We fed the kids dinner at Kris' island counter, and thankfully neither of my kids fell off the stools (*I was a little worried). I had talked to both kids before we left, explaining that whatever Mrs. Roth served them for dinner would be wonderful and yummy, and that I expected them to try at least one bite of everything and to say thank you for their dinner. I said in the unlikely event that they didn't like what they were served, they could try it and then quietly tell me that they didn't care for it.

Well Kris served hot dogs, apples, raspberries, animal crackers... a kid's dream dinner! Robbie was thrilled, and Ellie's a little dust buster so they were fine.

I scooted Maddie's high chair close to Ben while he ate his dinner, and turned my back for 2 minutes and this is how I found them:

Oh my word if those 2 aren't the cutest babies you've ever seen! They seem very serious about their relationship.

After dinner Kris served the kids a cake that her kids had helped her make. The adults were sitting at the table, and I could hear Robbie praying again over his dessert so I walked over to listen and this is what I heard:
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for Mrs. Roth's cake."
Kris said that might be one of the only prayers of thanks God has heard for her cooking! Hilarious, but untrue. She made us a fabulous dinner and we were so grateful and satisfied.

We didn't head for the door until after 8pm! All the kids were melting, running into things, etc. It was getting comical. As we walked towards the front to put our shoes on, Jack was head down in the exersaucer with his legs in the air. A wonderful send off if you ask me! I'm still laughing at the thought of that sight.

Ellie tried to put herself to sleep on our way out.

We got home and put the kids right to bed - they were all asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillow. Isn't that wonderful when it happens? We needed a few necessities from the grocery store so I went back out in the 5 degree weather and raced home to tuck into our warm bed.

Another wonderful day, much to be thankful for and sweet memories to take across town!

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I LOVE seeing these pictures! So fun to see Steve & Kris' kids -- they are adorable! Please say hello to them and give them both a big hug from me. And, what a gorgeous house! They are truly blessed. So happy for them and so glad you all got to spend such a nice evening together! :)