Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 18

Yesterday (Monday) was Day 18 of our countdown and Day 1 of Camp Armbruster. Today the painter started in on all of the painting projects we have on the inside of the house, including the kitchen cabinets, and what was supposed to be a 3 day job has turned into 5. So the kids and I have all but moved out of the house (except for sleeping overnight) and are spending each day this week out at my parents' house. Camp Armbruster!

Loaded for fun and on our way first thing yesterday morning.

My mom made a big breakfast, and then got out some foam Valentine's Day crafts for the kids. They made Papa wearable pieces of art.

Then it was down to the basement to play.

My dad's signature move with the kids is to play little games with them and give Smarties out one by one as rewards or prizes. He hid them around the Thomas train table and let the kids hunt them like Easter eggs.

Then it was up to Papa's man cave to explore and play on the swivel chairs.

Papa impressed Robbie with a few magic card tricks.

Mima had the kids' favorite mashups to go with lunch.

And then we ran over to Target to get a set of diapers, wipes, formula and nursery water to keep here for the rest of the month. Mima and Papa offered to keep the kids on a few of the big days surrounding the move and we want them to feel well prepared!

Maddie took a nice long nap and I kept the other 2 awake so that they'd go to sleep early and easily once we got home. We watched a few cartoons...

...and then Maddie woke up...

...and we fed the kids dinner and ran a bubble bath.

Mima got a towel warmer for Christmas so we pampered the kids with hot towels after their bath. I can't believe they didn't fall asleep immediately after getting their pj's on!

I packed us up and the kids ran around the house one last time before heading home. I think Ellie had tried to get her own pajama shirt off, because it was up over her head and she was running around for quite a while with it like this.

Daddy got home just after I had put the kids in their beds, so he helped me tuck them in and then we ate the chili and salad that my mom had sent home with us. I did a month's worth of ironing while watching The Bachelorette and Rob talked on the phone. I can't decide whether I enjoy that show or am drawn to it more like a train wreck. Either way, I'm officially sucked in.

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