Sunday, January 8, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 20

January 7th - Day 20 of the countdown, and the 3rd to last Saturday we will spend in this house. We made it count and got donuts and coffee from DD's for breakfast. Then we played around the house in our {batman and princess} pj's and set up Ellie's new Leapster, which she got post-holiday with cash from relatives because whenever Robbie has his out she goes ballistic.

{Oops, out of order. This was Maddie's dinner last night - cooked ground chicken and melon chunks. She did great with the melon, and hacked her way through the chicken.}

Ellie has a thing for hats. She walked around the house for the better part of the day yesterday in her winter hat, carrying the purse-case for the Leapster on one arm and Robbie's VReader backpack on her back.

The bag lady:

This one's for Auntie Cheryl!...

It took a while to load the software and get the Leapster up and running. Ellie insisted on watching the whole process, and chattered nonstop, just narrating everything that was happening to no one in particular. Rob was like "She is nonstop now!" and I explained that this is part of the reason I appreciate peace. and. quiet. so much these days. I love and adore our kids, and they are just energy and noise and talking and questions from the minute they wake up until they are passed out in bed at night.
{And even then, sometimes Ellie talks in her sleep. Ha!}

Precious girl.

We got out one of their new cartridges that had a Toy Story 3 game on it, and both kids were mesmerized. They even shared one of the Leapsters for a while. Miracle of miracles.

Saturday night was sort of a disaster. The kids were playing, I was trying to cook dinner, and we had a few other things going on that Rob and I were on the phone dealing with. At one point, it got quiet and when we asked Robbie and Ellie where they were, Robbie came bounding out of the living room, with chocolate all over his hands and face, pretty pleased with himself. "Um, just go look over there behind the living room couch!" he happily announced.

So we did. And we found a pile of chocolate Nesquik powder all over the carpet, with Ellie still scooping it up with her hands and eating it. I startled her, and when I reprimanded her, she freaked out!
{*I think it was the sugar rush.}

{Sidenote: I mistakenly dressed the kids in their Giants shirts, thinking the big game was Saturday. I am not exactly the sports-fan-wife, but I do try to go along with it all as much as I can. Fail!}

Robbie: proud.
Ellie: still shaken up and devastated by being told "no".
Both: hilarious.

Stripped down for bath time, he decided he wasn't ready to end his big day of fun and took one last hit of technology - playing the Leapster with his VReader strapped to his back. We call him Captain Underpants when he is down to his skivvies like this, much to his embarrassment.


They actually went to bed very well, for how eventful the evening was. Rob and I also slept hard. I think we were all exhausted!

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Jennifer said...

That Captain Underpants shot is going to have to go in a wedding slideshow at some point down the road! :)