Sunday, January 15, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 13

It's a black and white post for Saturday's recap, Day 13.

We had a slow morning - Rob had gotten home late the night before and so we just hung around the house when the kids woke up. I made breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and while the kids played and Rob did laundry I drank a cup of coffee, blogged and read a few home magazines. The middle of the day was made up of thrilling things like a quick grocery store trip, picking up dry cleaning, and cleaning up the house. The kids got in a lot of train/dollhouse time, and also wrestled with daddy. I painted another foam core board with a color I'm considering for the playroom walls (Benjamin Moore's Hancock Green), and I think it'll work.

While I was at the grocery store, Robbie complained to daddy of a tummy ache. I came home and when Rob told me, it made me so nervous. We were planning on going to a movie that evening so as I got ready for the sitter and fed the kids dinner, I kept asking Robbie how he was feeling (always "Fine!" or "Good."). The sitter came and we left without having to put a single child to bed - how nice - and although the movie we saw was good, I was nervous the entire time thinking about whether or not Robbie might have the flu, whether I'd be up all night with a sick kid, who else would get sick, etc. I could not snap myself out of it! It was very annoying. I texted the sitter and she told me he was happy and played the whole night and then went to sleep without a problem, and wasn't sick. I was relieved, but only sort of. It's hard to explain.

And now I need to really get serious about moving since it's happening in less than 2 weeks!

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