Monday, January 23, 2012

Countdown to the move - Day 6

Saturday was Day 6 - I'm falling behind!

Everyone slept in until 7:30am, with the exception of Rob who slept until 8am. My husband is so exhausted and he just keeps moving forward - I don't understand where he comes up with the energy and inner strength sometimes to just. keep. going. But he does, even finding it in himself to remain thoughtful and gentle while feeling pressed. {So many reasons for me to love him, and I do.}

I had an appointment at the new house to get another painting estimate, so I dressed myself and Maddie and the two of us made our way across town. The roads were well plowed so we didn't have any trouble getting there. We received the estimate, decided to hire the company to do all of our interior painting, reevaluated a few of our paint color choices and swapped them for better ones, and picked up lunch on the way home. After lunch we laid the girls down and spent a few hours packing before heading out to Chili's for dinner.

Let me tell you, it is neither restful nor enjoyable to eat out right now. But we were getting stir crazy and I have now packed up our entire kitchen so our options were few. :) We had dinner and Rob took the older 2 to the van before the check came so that I could finish feeding Maddie her baby food and finish my own dinner as well. Without a certain 2 year old kicking me in the elbow and laying all over me. {Bless that husband!}

We detoured to Target on the way home so that I could pick up diapers, formula, milk and a few other essentials. Then we headed home to put the kids to bed. I have zero recollection of what Rob and I did before bed, but it was probably packing or sitting on the couch in a daze! Ha.

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Jennifer said...

oh, you poor things! the end is near -- you're on the home stretch! :)