Monday, July 16, 2012

After the storm - part 1

After the storm on Sunday July 1st, we were without power for 4 more days until it finally turned on around lunch time on Thursday. It was a very hot week with temperatures in the 80's overnight and up to just over 100 during the days. Bad timing to not have AC! Or a finished basement. :) I knew it would be challenging but you can't get the power to turn back on by whining or complaining, and the situation just was what it was. I was determined to give thanks each day, and have the best attitude that I could - little eyes and ears are watching and listening to me all the time, and this was a big opportunity.

{You can't see my back sweat, that's why I'm smiling}

We slept in a hotel which was an adventure, but it worked out well and of course we were just thankful for a cool space with fresh sheets and warm water. The kids were totally off schedule, a little disturbed by the storm and resulting damage around town, and sad for their beds. But I was determined to enjoy our time together experiencing new things, and to be thankful for everything that came our way. First up, a hotel suite at a killer rate with 2 double beds and space to put up a pack and play, as well as a fridge, microwave, and 2 TVs.

I checked into the hotel on my own with the kids the first day, and it was tricky. And by tricky, I mean that I was asking random hotel staff to keep an eye on my kid or kids while I unloaded the van, then parked the van, then ran Robbie to the bathroom halfway through checking in at the desk... you get the idea. I had not anticipated it to be that difficult to juggle. Usually I over-anticipate. This one wasn't even on my radar, but I was a tad preoccupied. Before they could hand me the room key and send us to the elevators, Robbie was messing around with the rope that separated the lines at the front desk and at one point he was on all 4's on the ground and came up crying that he had hit his face on the floor. I still don't know what he did or how this happened, but he had banged his tooth on the marble/tile floor and his gums bled a little bit at first. The tooth was loose for a few days and I was just waiting for it to turn black or fall out but it's still holding tight to this day and white as a pearl. No biggie.

The first night - oh the novelty at this point!

The next morning - looking and feeling hung over. Daddy was back at work. We missed him.

During the daytime we would drive around, sometimes aimlessly. The AC in the van felt glorious, and since we were eating all of our meals out except for breakfast (which I would have at the hotel - fruit and scones or something like that), we would drive someplace for a little bit of time and enjoy an indoor activity (Miss Kate's shop, the library, etc.) and then stop for food. 

We saw a lot of trees along the road that looked like this!

There were crews of city and electric company workers on every block, it seemed. Repairing a stoplight in this picture, or fixing power lines and cutting trees down.

Our backyard...

A neighbor's backyard that had more branches down than any other yard we saw...

I think this was watermelon-and-pizza-dinner night at the hotel.

Killing some time at Miss Kate's resale shop - Maddie was all tuckered out!
This girl will put her head down anywhere if she's tired and has something snuggly in her hands, like her little lovey here.

I was going to make a donation drop-off and couldn't get to the back of the building...

Another neighbor's side yard...

I love kids. They are resilient and we made some fun memories together during our power outage, as evidenced by this picture in the van (which we affectionately called our mobile home for the week).

Another home in our neighborhood whose tree was ripped out of the ground by the roots!

She still fits in the Ergo Carrier and I am still a sucker for anything that will make her laugh.

My parents had us out to their house several times, and the AC felt so good! (It was a theme.) We had fun playing with their toys, napping in their beds, and eating their food. My mom always runs out and gets groceries when we come and she fed us so well. She also usually cons me into laying on the couch and covers me with a throw blanket and before I can protest, I'm out like a light and she's playing legos or trains in the basement with the kids and my dad is chasing them around playing hide and seek while I catch up on rest.

{Maddie found her tupperware cabinet - best toy chest ever!}

A few days after the storm and this is the enormous pile of branches Rob had cleared from our property and piled by the curb. It was about 4 feet tall and maybe 15 feet wide? I have no idea... 

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