Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Allergy testing: Robbie

All 4 of us attended Robbie's allergy testing appointment a little while back, which was special (HA). My little boy has inherited my tendency to anticipate things and thus make them worse than they really are. It was a gentle reminder to me of an area I need to continue to work on and give up to The Lord. The appointment was poorly timed right in the middle of maddie's nap (and when Ellie used to nap and is therefore a hot, melty mess. So I passed out sucker after sucker and even put a DVD on to occupy my savages and they still fought, fussed and screamed their way through the afternoon.

Happier moments...

Post-poke. Ouchie.

Results: Robbie is allergic to DOGS. 
For real. Did not see that one coming. So long, dream of a family pooch.

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