Monday, November 19, 2012

One of those posts...

...where I put up a random assortment of pictures just to give you an idea of what life is like over here in our corner of the world. It's a chaotic mix of happy (think shrieks of joy) and devastated (think sibling rivalry), with lots in between: 
time with friends and grandparents, the occasional bonk that always loosens a front tooth, hours building legos and tending to babies, date nights at the movies, warm pjs at night and hot coffee in the morning, widow markers, cake pops, trips to the grocery, snuggling on the couch, Wednesday nights at Cubbies, and lots of hibernating inside at home now that it's getting chilly!

In short: wonderful.



Jennifer said...

Oh, wow! There's just too much fun happening over there! I just love these picture posts.

Aunt Kels said...

My hands down favorite: Robbie and Ellie taking a moment to embrace each other (looks like somewhere outside- parking lot? in the middle of a walk somewhere? Clearly they understand there's never a bad time to stop and hug each other...) Oh so precious.

Counting down the hours til I see you all for thanksgiving! xoxo