Monday, November 12, 2012

Being 4 years old is hard sometimes.

My typically brave and independent little guy is having an unexpectedly hard time separating from me right now. We think it started the night he accidentally swallowed a lego and came running to our room in an absolute fearful panic, crying. (Last Monday.) We had to have him examined at the hospital to make sure the lego wasn't lodged in his throat and that there weren't any other complications. He was fine, but I think it really scared him.

Since then, he will not leave my side without crying. Preschool, cubbies, the sitter, sunday school, the gym, even an outing with dad (which he typically adores). Totally atypical. 

The break-your-heart-precious part of this story is that things that remind him of our family or our love make him incredibly sad right now, too. Examples: a sweet lullaby-type-of-song makes him cry, looking at pictures of Rob and I or our family together prompted him to lay his head in my lap and burst into tears (what's the matter buddy? "That nice picture makes me so sad because I love you all so much!"), and even one of his sisters being taken away from him to do something else is hard for him to handle. 

I will say, I distinctly remember feeling sad over similar things as a young child, so maybe he has a sensitive spirit like his mama?

But tell me, how can I help him find his confidence and feelings of security again? It sounds so basic and easy, but those of you who've been here already... it's puzzling, right? And a wee bit exhausting.

My sweet boy.

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