Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daily shenanigans

Nothing fancy, just us... doing what we do, day in and day out...

The kids sneak my phone on occasion and take pictures of each other:

(Thanks to the kid who drew a tic-tac-toe board on the kid's chair)

I honestly don't even know... desk chair in the bathroom with headbands on. This is probably called "what mom does to buy 5 minutes in the morning to finish getting ready". Or "let the kids do whatever they want."

My errand buddy.

Robbie and his soon to be kindergarten classmate Calla. Dinner at Portillo's one night with my friend Carly and all of our kids while our husbands worked late.

Sending out the Dos Equis vibe, perhaps?

We took a little road trip to see my parents' new lake house, even though it was freezing outside. We brought winter coats, and although the lake was frozen over it started thawing out the day we were there.

Back at home... Hanging out with our sitter's baby chicks!

We lost my sweet grandpa Bob this spring, but not before he was able to mail birthday cards to both Robbie and Maddie. Literally days before his passing. Such a treasure. We miss him so much.

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