Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Robbie turns 5

Can I just start blogging again, as if I didn't take a 4 month break!?
Ok, thanks.

Robbie turned 5 on March 15th!

We threw him a Batman party on Friday afternoon and a bunch of his preschool friends came over. (Sidenote: I made it a drop-off party and there were 13 kids. NEVER AGAIN. They are all very sweet children, but it was cold and rainy outside and they were all stuck inside my house... together... sugared up from the cake... Let's just say I was counting down the minutes until moms showed back up to collect their kiddos!)

(Lots of wrestling. Lottttttts.)

 Then the next morning we had his family party with a few of our close family friends. The theme for this one was Legos (why only have one theme for 2 parties when you can have 2?!). I spent about 3 weeks getting ready for these two parties, which were separated by a mere 12 hours. And it was like changing over a set for a play. So much fun and very cathartic for this creative mama who lacks an outlet, but again I've learned my lesson: never again. Ha!

I was fairly sleep deprived in March. All in the name of celebrating my little guy! 

(The birthday boy had had a little too much birthday by this point... and sweet Fal's excitement and joy next to Robbie just cracks. me. up.)

If you don't know Charlotte as the life of the party, then you don't know Charlotte.

After everyone left, our Wisconsin friends the Larsons stayed for the rest of the afternoon to make the most of their trip and our time together. It's fun to watch our kids ebb and flow in their relationships with one another. This day brought with it a new closeness between Charlotte and Ellie!

Kindred spirits. Playing legos on the fireplace for around an hour uninterrupted, whispering to each other the whole time! (For weeks it was a big secret what they were talking about - they wouldn't share the contents of their conversation with anyone. But Char confided in me later on that they were talking about "weirdos". I don't even really know what that means, but it makes me laugh. Oh, to be 5.)

Our babies (mine not so much a baby anymore)



Becoming a tradition... dinner together after birthday parties. 

We are so thankful for the family and friends both near and far, present and unable to be with us, who helped us celebrate our firstborn's 5th birthday!

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