Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Mashup

So, whatever... the first part of this post happened at the end of February. But I got to go to our church's Women's Retreat this year! I am so very thankful I went. My sister Kelsey came with me and for 3 days and two nights we retreated in every sense of the word. To have that much time alone, with as much quiet as you really want to have to dig into the Word and listen for His voice, as a young mother can be life changing. And it was. The weeks leading up to it proved to be a build up of the Spirit that came in power over the weekend of the retreat. My eyes were opened in new ways, my heart softened and my commitment made even firmer to the God that I love and serve. Shout out to my amazing husband who not only single handedly managed the kids all weekend, but got them to and from church, kept them happy and rested, and had the house in immaculate condition upon my arrival back home. I am one blessed woman. He made my job look easy (it's not - I would know! ha).

These were the women at our table...

Table 15. A very special group of precious women! 
{If any of you are reading - time to get together again!?}

By Sunday afternoon I was very ready to get back to my nest and hold little bodies and reconnect with my much better half. Being apart is good sometimes, but being together is even better. And I have never loved tucking my babes into bed more than I did that Sunday night. I have never missed 2 bedtimes in a row, with any of my kiddos. Seriously, that was about all my mama-heart could take!

Then March carried on... and I think we have gotten more snow in the later part of February and beginning of March than the rest of the winter! 


This is how I accomplished shoveling our driveway one day while all 3 kids were awake...

We ended up canceling a trip to Florida the night before we were scheduled to go... so our spring vacation turned into a stay-cation (which was just fine)...
 We unpacked our suitcases (which did not have sand in them) and put on our winter coats and went out to brunch instead... and counted our blessings and reflected on the mysterious ways of God and what He may be trying to teach our family right now. 
 Stay-cations also involve good food and relaxing reads, just like vacations! My current faves:
Apple Walnut Bleu Cheese Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette 

This book was really good! Go read it. :)

First signs of spring... Forsythia branches.

Sometimes a peanut butter sandwich cookie can pass for breakfast - I justify this by the amount of oatmeal in the batter.
Early morning sister snuggles

Robbie's "Spanish", which he will write on any blank piece of paper that is every lying around.

Found a bath bomb under my pillow one morning that had been missing for a few days. The princess and the pea, I am not.

Gearing up with a bowl of brownie batter for a day at the doctor's office with all 3 kids (my very least favorite situation to be in). I had a sinus infection and was that desperate for antibiotics!

Said trip, below.
It actually went fairly well, and we were there for 2 hours, from 2:30-4:30pm!
I'm not above the sucker bribe.

Um, Maddie? Something you need to tell your Father and me?

Wherever we are, warm or cold, at least we are together. And that is a very good place to be.

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