Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Annual Bellito-Larson-Livingston Xmas Bash

Every year we gather with our dear friends to celebrate the Christmas season together. We draw names for our children to exchange gifts, and enjoy a day of long-anticipated togetherness. 

This year we got to meet the newest addition to our clan - June! And oh my, is she precious. And perfect. The kind of perfect that fits nicely into my purse... ahem.

Photobombed. Sorry June.

Not quite ready to give up her nearly 2 year run as youngest-of-the-group?

Sweet June. You've never seen such a doll!

Uncle Matt keeping things lively and fun! Pretending to throw the children one by one out the back door as it began to snow. They ATE IT UP. {Uncle Jeff and Rob in the background}

Some years we mothers have been known to coordinate our kiddo's outfits or even pj's and arranged impressive large group shots of 8 kids 4 years old and under. This year we rewarded them for playing so nicely with each other the whole day by not torturing them. And yes, the day has finally come that they require little supervision at our gatherings, allowing the adults to really catch up on life with full conversations!

Ellie meeting the newest addition to our 'family'. And we can't wait for the next one to arrive this year - the newest little Bellito! Babies, babies, babies. I can't get enough.

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