Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!
Sadly, I have no pictures to post of our Easter celebration. Saturday night proved to be our hardest yet - Rob and I were both up at various times with Robbie, and finally got to bed around 6:30am. So much for our plans to try and make it to the Easter service at church! (Which I was really loooking forward to.)
By the time we got up and ready for the day on Sunday, we were so tired - so we napped for a bit while watching basketball, and then Robbie and I headed to my parents' house to hang out before Easter dinner. By the time Rob got there just before dinner, Robbie had managed to pee on his easter outfit while i changed him (minutes after walking in the door), and I had sloshed ham juice on my top while helping mom carve the meat. We were in bad shape for pictures, so we didn't take any.
The funny part is that I have been hanging on to this Easter outfit for Robbie since February - it was my way of willing him to come early (his due date was originally TODAY - March 24th - and I wanted him out before then!). In the end, the easter outfit still has the tags on it, we never even dressed him in it, and it will probably be returned. Oh well, it served its purpose - it got my little boy here early!
I'm hoping that last night we turned a corner with Robbie's sleeping patterns. He has had his days and nights mixed up since he came home, and although I've been up since 4am today, Robbie slept during the night pretty well between feedings! This is no small victory to me. :) I was ready with movies and magazines to pass the middle-of-the-night hours when I went to bed, and didn't even have to use them. (As Kelsey would say... 'It's an easter miracle!')

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