Saturday, March 22, 2008

More pictures

Blogger has not been cooperating lately - I keep trying to post more pictures but it gives me an error every time. (Maybe it knows that we are going picture-crazy here in the Livingston household, and is trying to spare you!)

Here are a few more favorites from this past week of Robbie's life...

So we do a lot of sleeping! Unfortunately, right now Robbie has his days and nights mixed up - so he's a dream to hold during the day when he looks like a little cherub as he sleeps for hours on end, but the nighttime is a different story. He's getting better, and like the dr. said, it will probably pass after about a week.

Robbie is still a touch jaundiced, but the pediatrician said that with regular feeding and diaper-filling, he should be fine in a few days. My mom and I stripped him down to his diaper and laid him in the living room window when we had about an hour of sunlight coming in the other day! Then we decided that his naked little self was too cute so we took a bunch of pictures.

On another note, our friends Jen and Matt just brought home their twins, Jackson and Amelia, born a day after Robbie! They are all doing well and I'm sure would welcome your prayer support as they adjust to life with two brand new babies.

Our dear friends Jeff and Becky will also be having their baby girl sometime today, as Becky has been overdue for about a week. Please pray that their baby girl is delivered quickly and in good health.

So many spring babies!!!

We pray that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend as we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. New life is such a gift - both physical birth and spiritual rebirth. We praise God for both this Easter!

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