Friday, April 18, 2008

Lazy... or busy or distracted.. something!

I am very sorry for not having posted any pictures since we've come home from the hospital (now pushing 2 weeks!). We are still doing well, but Robbie definitely keeps us busy! (And makes us work for our sleep.)

His new 'trick' is to fuss for a few solid hours about once a week, crying hysterically and totally inconsolable. It comes out of nowhere, and Rob is usually the one to eventually soothe him to sleep - bless his heart! It's probably a pretty funny sight, if you were to look in from the outside - one of us holding/walking/rocking the baby, the other frantically flipping through any and every instructional baby book we have, digging for more soothing techniques. Luckily, Robbie only puts us through this about once a week. He is such a great baby - apart from these little episodes, he hardly cries (unless I've deprived him of food for too long!) and is becoming more and more alert during his wakeful times of the day. Today I had a nice conversation with him... he would coo and I would make the same sound he made back to him, and this went on for maybe a few minutes. As he was looking at me talking, he was smiling a lot too! It was so fun - maybe he just felt good physically and wasn't really smiling AT me, but either way. We're on our way to getting more responses back from him when we're interacting, and that's amazing to me!

I will post more pictures just as soon as I can get the memory card out of my mom's camera and into a Walgreens to copy the photos onto a CD.

And to everyone who has brought us a meal or sent us a gift since Robbie was born - thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care for us. I apologize for not having written a single thank you note yet, and although the general response is one of understanding, I still feel terrible and ungrateful and will do my best to get on it soon!

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