Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First stages of teething?? (...already?!)

I made an emergency stop at Babies R Us tonight and bought these on the way home from dinner with my family, after Robbie gnawed on my hand and cried for no reason the entire time... hopefully they will occupy his mouth so that my knuckles don't have to (it just didn't feel sanitary...).

Icy Bite Teether by NubyCool Triangle Teether with Handle

Also picked up some of this...

Baby Orajel Teething Pain Medicine Gel 

Just when you feel like you have some semblance of a routine, something new crops up and throws it all off!  I know, I know... get used to it.  I'm not complaining - just completely surprised by how quickly everything starts to happen!  
Where did my baby go?? 

If anyone has recommendations about which teethers are best, please share - especially if it is not represented in the pictures above!

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the deKorne family said...

Ava was 3 months when she got her first 2 teeth. Had all 8 top and bottom by six months. THAT was fun. But then from six months until a month ago it was smooth sailing! She was never sick or teething! And on the sleep-I agree with Kristin--Babywise and baby whisperer and I also liked Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby a lot. Getting Ava to go to sleep on her own was the best thing I did for my selfish self. Everybody who has ever been here when I put her down comments on how amazing it is she doesn't cry. She lunges for her bed. It's fabulous. :) I've also learned though (too long a comment, Heidi) that everybody has to do what works for them. Some people get very feisty with their child rearing beliefs. Do what's best for you. I just wanted my child to sleep so I could check my email and I don't know-eat. He is PRECIOUS! Have I mentioned that?!