Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robbie hearts Charlotte

Robbie turned 12 weeks on Saturday!  He is fully in 3 month size clothes now, and has quite an appetite.   He is not getting the hang of morning or afternoon naps.  Here are some pictures of our little buddy.

This weekend Robbie met Charlotte Larson for the first time!  We all drove to Rockford (a 1/2 way meeting point) and introduced the babies to each other.  We had dinner at a bad italian restaurant - I blame only myself - and Robbie melted down twice for no apparent reason.  Everything else was lovely!   
The babes in their matching car seats. Charlotte has convinced Robbie to get a big bird to go on his car seat like the one she has.  His zebra is pretty boring.

Robbie and Charlotte checking each other out.  Charlotte is having a blast! My son still has some perking up to do after his nap in the car.
Me and Becky with the babies

Jeff and Rob with the babies

Hanging out on Sunday  morning at home.  I have given up going to church until either Robbie's behavior (or moods) are more predictable, or until I am brave enough to put him in the nursery.  I feel like that may not happen for a while - good friends put their son in the nursery and he came down with hand, foot and mouth disease!  Yuck.  I think I'm turning into a germ-a-phobe.

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the deKorne family said...

So precious!!! They are both darling..and you look great! We didn't go to church until Ava was 6 months. (ok, maybe longer!) She was sooo tiny and I know their immune systems aren't ready to go until at least then! The sleeping will come-I promise!