Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it through the week, thanks to Grandma! Our hotel stay during my meeting went really well - Robbie swam in the pool, took his naps, and read tons of books (all with Grandma's assistance, of course).  It's been a few days in the making, but our snotty little meatball might have developed his first baby-cold.  He's not feverish or miserable, but he sounds like a piglet when he breathes at times (worse when he cries or is drinking a bottle) because of the congestion in his nose.  It could be seasonal allergies, which wouldn't surprise us since both Rob and I have it.  Can babies have that this early?  But we're not overly concerned since he's eating and sleeping like a champ and is still our happy little guy all day long.  We just give him some Baby Tylenol for Colds and continue on with the day.

Last night I made a very startling discovery.  So startling, I had to take a few pictures to prove it to you.  Look closely.  Do you see this?:


Seriously, this baby has got to stop growing.  I had these in the closet for him to wear in the late fall. It just so happened that due to all of our traveling recently, and the fact that we couldn't use our dryer this week due to clogged ducts... I know, more home maintenance - just what we need, Robbie was out of clean PJs.  So I decided that even if the legs were still a little long on him, it wouldn't be terrible to put him in bigger PJs for one night.  You can imagine my surprise when the 9 month size PJs not only FIT HIM, but threatened to be too short in the torso, pulling up slightly on the diaper area!  We've got a month in these, if we're lucky.  Seriously?  Are we almost into the 9-12 month clothes with our 5 1/2 MONTH OLD BABY BOY!??!

All I have to say is that I should be the one (not Rob) calling for a DNA test.  I know that he's mine simply because I birthed him. And some days he does look a lot like me. But Robbie is going to be twice my size by the time he starts kindergarten.  He is all Rob when it comes to his build!

Meatball is getting stronger and stronger every day.  He now flips himself over in his crib every chance he gets, often falling asleep in the corner with his arm hanging out between the slats, face planted. I have a mild heart attack every time I see him like this when I check on him.  He's getting good at staying asleep when I flip him back over.

He's also starting to scoot across the floor on his belly, but yesterday I caught him while he had only a diaper on pushing himself up off the ground on his elbows and knees!  His entire belly/torso was off the ground. I thought he might never crawl, since he's so into standing up and has shown no interest in moving around on his belly.  But we might have a crawler soon.  We will of course keep you posted, as this will be the most monumental thing to happen in our lives to date.  We'll try not to send out baby announcements.  :)  "He's crawling!"  Did/does everyone feel like this with their first child?

Holding his big old head up so high!  If you look closely above his ear, you'll see the bit of hair that is starting to always flip out.  I'm on curl-patrol, but for now his hair really seems straight.  Pictures always make it look sparse, but his hair is filling in with downy-blond fuzz, which thrills me to no end.  Speaking of hair, last night Rob and I were watching the NFL kickoff special and when Keith Urban came out on stage, Rob started in on the whole 'I don't get why women like him' thing.  I tried to explain, but really - there are no words.  Most disturbing to him were Keith's haircut (or lack thereof) and highlights.  He made me promise that if Robbie ever asks to highlight his hair in high school, that I won't let him.  I said if it made him look like Keith Urban, we might have to consider it.  We compromised at no highlights, but maybe letting Robbie's hair be longer than Rob's beloved 'high and tight' cut through elementary school.  Fair enough.

And finally, if you are still reading, I just had to take a picture and post the creative baby gift we received from our friends Zach and Alynn.  Alynn is one of the most talented, creative and thoughtful people you will ever meet - and she gave us an Alynn-Original to hang in Robbie's room!  Check it out:

I had to take a close up of Robbie's name because she customized it to things that relate to us.  The New York Yankees, the Bulls, the Giants, Taylor... isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen!?  Inside the "J" she listed Robbie's birth information, and the image is a birthday cake. The "C" is a painter's palette.  Also hard to see is inside the "K" - a lake scene, complete with boat and beach.

As soon as she has her website up and running I'll post a link to it on our site.  I know you want to commission her after seeing what she is capable of!

Thanks so much Alynn!  I didn't think you could out-do yourself with the diaper cake you made for my shower, but somehow you did it again!!  You amaze us.

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the deKorne family said...

read the whole thing and loved it. can't relate on the big baby thing because of my shrimp! maybe this time around??? glad you are doing well!