Saturday, November 8, 2008


We have tucked ourselves in here at 633 Alchester Drive.  It's cold outside (I spotted a little bit of SLEET 2 days in a row!), Robbie is under the weather, and we have house projects to work on.  I have nothing fun or cute to post, picture-wise, which I know is pretty much a cardinal sin in the world of blogging.  I would apologize for the mundane nature of our little world right now, but am well aware that quiet seasons are a blessing and a time to build up and rest up.  So we are not complaining.

We are finally trying to complete our basement clean-up from the water damage we had a few months ago (a drain was overflowing b/c a 2nd sump pump we have that we didn't know about had a dead motor).  Walls, flooring, and trim were ripped out and replaced.  And now they're in raw-material form.  Rob painted the laundry room trim and old brown cabinets white today, and will paint the old neon green walls a pretty new shade of robin's egg light blue.  SO excited.  Seriously.  This room is spacious, functional and great but uuuuuugly.  Not anymore.

Then it's on to the trim in the rest of the basement, the doors on the new closet we had built, and all of the walls.  After trying to find the perfect shade of neutral for the walls that would be different from what was down there before, I landed on a shade of beige that is literally 2 shades darker than the old color.  So boring.  But safe.  It's projects like this that make me wish I had more guts when it comes to decorating.  I am so vanilla.  But I guess I'm afraid of taking another chance, like I did when we first moved in (look up Benjamin Moore's 'Sidewalk Grey' - ugh!! what was I thinking?), and hating the room so much that I avoid being in it altogether.  Or choosing that room to be the nursery so that I could repaint it 'for a reason'.   True story.  Boring, but true.

See, now you wish you hadn't even checked the blog to see what we are up to.  Self-actualization through interior decorating.  That's it for now.  

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Jennifer said...

Ashley, you are TOO funny! :) I totally know what you mean. I'm always drawn to funky, out of the box designs but then when it comes down to it I always end up with a tradition look. Can't even seem to be too creative with my wardrobe. :( Maybe one of these days I'll reinvent myself!!! :)