Sunday, November 9, 2008

Robbie can sit on his own!

Robbie sat up on his own today for an extended period of time all by himself!  It was on Rob's watch... I think Robbie wanted to impress his daddy!  So I set him up again and took some pictures just for you.  (When I'm shooting, I obviously can't be right next to him, hence the protective pillows all around him.  They were NOT, however, propping him up!  That would be cheating.)

Check me out!

I can sit up, AND I have good balance!

I can even wiggle around, and move my legs and arms without falling over.

This activity cube is my favorite toy.  And good incentive to stay sitting up!

Not sure what happened here.  Well, obviously he fell over... but he put his right arm up in the air and just left it there for a few seconds.  It was really funny.  Like he was saying, "And... the show's over!  Leave me alone."

See, I promised we would be more entertaining.  Also, Robbie had some sort of Chicken and stars baby food for lunch today (Stage 3, Earth's Best brand), and it had bits of star shaped pasta and bits of carrots in it.  He loved it!  He is getting the hang of 'gumming' food to death that isn't totally blended, and also enjoys eating pieces of deli cheese and cheerios as a snack in the afternoons.  What a big boy!!!


The Larsons said...

Robbie, I knew you could do it! You look mighty handsome in those cool pj's. I can't wait to sit up with you and catch up. That activity box looks terrific; I will have to talk to my mom about getting me one of those.

Love you,


Patricia said...


You didn't call me! Wow...he finally did it! Yeah!