Sunday, November 23, 2008

Robbie and Charlotte's date in Rockford

We had the chance to get together with our great friends - the Larsons (Jeff, Becky and Charlotte) and the Bellitos (Matt and Becki) - in Rockford 2 weekends ago.  We finally figured out that the best restaurant in town to meet at is Granite City, and it was really the perfect place for us all to have lunch and spend a few hours catching up!  

Robbie and Charlotte have grown so much since our last get together, and they both sat in their seats and ate baby food as well as little star puffs while we all visited.  They were very aware of each other, but are still too young to try and interact intentionally.  

We were very impressed by Charlotte's sweet personality, desire to be so social, always charming hairstyles, and ability to clap her hands when her mommy started singing "If you're happy and you know it...".   When Becky and I swapped babies, I could not believe how petite and light Char was!  Robbie is my little boulder.  He is just a solid boy (as most of them are).  While Charlotte enjoyed her one carton of baby food during lunch, Robbie put away 3. :)  I know he's an eater, but sometimes I'm just amazed by his appetite when we spend time with other little girls his age.

Me and Robbie, with sweet Becky and darling Charlotte

Charlotte and Robbie, side by side!  Robbie reached out and put his hand on Char's shoulder - very cute.  He just loves her.  And who wouldn't!?

We thought it would be really cute to get a picture of Robbie and Charlotte kissing Becki's baby bump... she's expecting identical twin boys, and we are so excited to meet the little guys in March or April!  The picture did not work out at all, but this one just makes me laugh because we were having so much fun.

We can't wait for our next get together!  We love you guys so much.  :)

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The Larsons said...

Oh, I just love those pics. It is such a blessing when we can get together, and we always miss you when we leave. Please give Robbie a kiss from his Madison girls.