Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas with both my family and Rob's family... sadly I didn't take any pictures at my mom and dad's house during our Christmas celebration!  There was just too much going on. :)  But here are a few from our wonderful time out East...

Robbie loved bathing in Grammy's big kitchen sink.

Daddy loved playing guitar hero with his brother Brad (who is the best at this game, ever).

Fun with Grammy and Papa on the floor.

One last picture with cousins Nicholas and James.

Showing off what a great little traveler he is!  

We really couldn't have imagined how well Robbie would end up doing as we drove the whole way to New Jersey and back home again.  He barely fussed at all, and made the trip very easy on us.  A new favorite of his is Baby Crack, I mean Einstein.  Rob and I know all the words to "I said, hey! little fishy! would you like to take a swim with me?"  

Blogger is being finicky and I can't get the other pictures to upload right now.  So stay tuned and I'll post a few more soon!

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