Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend trip to Cincinnati

This weekend Robbie made his 2nd trip to Cincinnati to see his Great-Grandma Jessie, Great Aunt Sherry, Great Uncle Jim, and cousins Courtney and Caroline.  He is proving to be a pretty good traveler, and just loves to spend time with his family!  Upon arriving at Great-Grandma Jessie's house, we sat him down on the couch next to her so that they could re-acquaint themselves.  Robbie leaned over, crawled halfway into her lap right away, and just laid there looking up at her quietly.  It was the sweetest thing!  She sat there and talked to him, and he just listened and was happy to be in her lap.  

Here are a few pictures from our time together...

"I have a lot to tell you - I haven't seen you in quite a while, and I'm just learning how to talk!"

"Hey, who took all my clothes off?  Not that I mind..."

"Mom, can Great-Grandma Jessie give me ALL of my bottles?"

"I love my cousins... and I display my affection by hanging on their legs."

We had a great trip and it was so good to see everyone.  My cousins are growing up so fast, and I was surprised by how old they seemed as we interacted over the weekend.  They are such thoughtful, sweet, intelligent girls - I wish we lived closer together so that we could see them more often.  

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